Get MBA5003 Assessment 3 Supply chain Group Report Help

MBA5003 Supply chain

Students will organise themselves in small groups to investigate the supply chain of a real-life business organisation (preferably a multinational organisation or a large scale enterprise) and propose recommendations to optimise the supply chain management and operations using a high level IS with particular focus on feasibility and implementation (practical success) .

You must prepare and present a report ,

  • Discussing the possible improvements and their practical implementation focusing on the supply chain activity of the chosen enterprise.
  • Furthermore, try and define key terms and concepts draw on key logistics and supply chain management strategies that are influenced by a variety of business context.
  • Apply logistics and supply chain management strategies to assist functional areas.
  • Understand and be able to research the impact that IS has on organisations and the consequent changes that have occurred to the role of business managers.

Also remember to be analytical within your report and examine key terms and theoretical relationships in depth. The Business Report should be written in appropriate business language so that your analysis and discussion have an objective tone. Your writing should be clear and concise and be in your own words. Use headings to guide the reader and include tables or diagrams that make the case clearer.


In the workplace, reports are often required to as a formal account of a situation. They are produced after consideration of all relevant factors and analysis using relevant concepts in the field. The recommendations and their implementation are then based on this analysis, using business language appropriate to the audience. In the academic context, reports similarly require research and analysis to demonstrate your learning and ability to apply course concepts and theories leading to feasible recommendations.

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  • Executive summary
  • Table of Contents
  • Introduction
  • Scope
  • Reasons for selecting the company
  • Current situationincluding internal and external analysis
  • Supply chain strategies
  • Supply chain policy
  • Management method
  • Issues identified
  • Using Information Systems (IS)
  • Recommendations for supply Chain improvement
  • Conclusion
  • Reference List

Assignment Assessment Criteria

The following assessment criteria apply to the assignment and should be read in conjunction with the Assessment Marking Sheet Pro-forma for this module. To achieve a pass in the module assignment students must satisfy the examiner against the following criteria:

1.   Creativity

An innovative approach to the generation of solutions. Contributes to the ongoing development of theory. Is feasible.

2.    Critical Understanding and Analysis

Is objective and appropriate and makes relevant use of Operation and Supply Chain Management theory. Uses quantitative analysis where appropriate.

3.    Evidenced Work

Substantive points made and issues raised are supported by evidence. Avoids unfounded generalisations.

4.    Presentation

Is logically structured and organised.

Is acceptably presented.

Correct use of language.

Correct referencing using HBR system.

Grading Criteria Assessment Task 3: Group Report and Presentation (40%)

NameStudent Number

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  CriteriaMastery (A 80-100%)Accomplished (B 70-79%)Developing (C 60-69%)Beginning (D 50-59%)Not yet started. (N 0-49%)Marks Structure
Writing, Argument and Report Struc- tureExcellent logically developed structure matched to the task.   Generates a highly developed, fo- cused, and sustained argument(s) related to the report.Uses logically developed structure matched to the task.   Generates developed and focused argument(s) related to the report.Uses somewhat logical structure of paragraphs but with errors.   Generates few developed and fo- cused argument(s) related to the reportPoor logic in structure of para- graphs.   Poor development and focus of argument(s) related to the reportParagraph structure is not clear, well ordered, or logical.   Generates a series of statements or claims without connecting these to form a clear, logical argu- ment. 
Disciplinary Knowledge and support with proper referenc- ingDisciplinary knowledge is clearly presented and uses disciplinary language authoritatively.   Shows critical understanding of the issue presented and demon- strates depth and accuracy of understanding.Disciplinary knowledge is clearly presented and uses disciplinary language competently,   Shows a proficient awareness of the issue presented and demon- strates accuracy of understanding.Disciplinary knowledge is present- ed and uses disciplinary language approaching competency,   Shows an awareness of the issue presented and demonstrates lim- ited content understandingDisciplinary knowledge lacks clar- ity and uses disciplinary language tentatively,   Shows an awareness of the issue presented and some evidence of gaining new understanding.Disciplinary knowledge is unclear and does not use the language of the discipline in a sustained fashion.   Demonstrates no evidence of gaining new understanding. 
Presentation skills & Engage- ment – convincingInformative presentation that focuses on supporting its central argument in a convincing and compelling manner. Well-struc- tured presentation   Uses clear, powerful appropriate language for student and academ- ic audienceCoherently and logically struc- tures the presentation.   Uses clear appropriate language for students, academic audience is convincing and compellingLogically structures the presenta- tion – approaching coherence,   Uses some appropriate language for student academic audience is somewhat convincing and/or compelling.Attempts to structure the poster and presentation if somewhat incoherently.   Uses minimal appropriate lan- guage for the audience not con- vincing or compellingDoes not present a coherent and succinct explanation and ideas are not logically organised nor relevant to topic.   Does not appropriate language for the audience. Not convincing or compelling. 
Participation and Collabora- tion-Group workAn integrated contribution to the response to the task, which re- flects critical assimilation of other group perspectives, reaching a balanced and well-founded con- clusion, set of findings or recom- mendations.A co-ordinated contribution to the response to the task, which reflects assimilation of other perspectives, reaching a qualified conclusion, set of findings or rec- ommendations.A response to the task which at- tempts to accommodate or draw upon each individual contribution in a coherent and structured fash- ion, reaching a tentative conclu- sion, set of findings or recommen- dations.A response to the task, which reflects each individual contribu- tion, and constructs a less than coherent, but plausible, conclu- sion, set of findings or recommen- dationsResponse does not account for other contributions or is unable to effectively include other points of view to reach a plausible conclu- sion. 
Total marks