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Unit Code and Title: MGT100 Introduction to Management

Assessment 2- Essay

Assessment 2: Individual essay30%Week 81500 – 2000 words

Topic: Planning, decision-making process, and strategy.

Task Details: Imagine you are a manager at “Klub 99” a hospitality company. To remain competitive and successful in this hospitality industry quality service is pertinent. The hospitality industry is facing intense competition and the club’s top-level managers believe in planning, decision-making and strategy to maintain its competitive position.

Your role as a manager is to prepare adequate plans, decision and strategy that will enable the club to maintain a competitive advantage and retain its core employees.

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Write an essay providing, not least, the importance of planning, decision-making process and strategy required to deliver a high-quality service in the competitive hospitality industry. Support your arguments with appropriate management theories and models and six peer-reviewed journals including prescribed textbook.

Students will be assessed on the following criteria:

  • Research
  • Analysis
  • Conclusion and recommendation structure
  • Clarity of written work
  • Presentation, citation, and reference format.


Marks and feedback with comments will be provided to students. These will be made in Turnitin. This will be used to mark and provide feedback to students.

Submission Details

. Individual Assessment

. Word limit: words 1500 (±10%) (Excluding reference list)

. You need to state the word count of the assessment on the coverpage.

. The response should be professionally in Calibri 11pt or Times New Roman 12pt.

. Submission deadline Week 8 – Sunday by 11.59pm

. Softcopy to be uploaded Turnitin via Moodle links.

. Referencing Style is Harvard in – text citations.

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Late penalties and extensions:

An important part of business life and key to achieving PIA graduate outcome of Professional Skills is the ability to manage workloads and meet deadlines. Consequently, any assessment items such as in- class quizzes and assignments missed or submitted after the due date/time per calendar day unless an extension is approved.

Applying for extension:

If students are unable to submit or attend an assessment when due, and extensions are possible, they must apply by completing the appropriate Application for Extension form available from the Student Information Centre in Moodle, the PIA Website (Policies and Forms) and the Reception Desk (Castlereagh Street), as soon as possible but no later than three (3) working days of the assessment due date. The completed form must be emailed with supporting documentation to student services and lecturers / tutors will be advised of the outcome of the extension request as soon as practicable.

Appropriate documentary evidence to support the request for an extension must be supplied. Please remember there is no guarantee of an extension being granted, and poor organization is not a satisfactory reason to be granted an extension.

Note: For all the requirements of submissions and integrity policies, you must refer to the unit study guide provided for FIN500. Please check on MyPIA Moodle site.

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