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Assignment Brief

Assessment2:Consultancy report

You will conduct desk research to address the topic below.The subsequent questions should be answered in a written report.

“Investigating the factors and implications of the domestic and global Supply Chain in Xsector– a case of Y”.

You should consider the points below:

  1. X–chose a manufacturing sector(e.g.,automotive,electronics,pharma,footwear,furniture,etc)of your choice.
  2. Y – choose an organization (e.g., BMW, Toyota, Nike, IKEA, Pfizer, Apple, Samsung, etc)of your choice from the selected manufacturing sector in point 1.
  3. You should provide a generic literature review on the topic within the chosen sector.Critically appraise how the chosen organization is being impacted by a wide range of factors in case of both global and domestic supply chain context. Justify your own consultative view on each factor presented. Present a qualitative and/or quantitative assessment to support your views.
  4. Demonstrate how different supply chain management approaches help the chosen organization to achieve competitive advantages. Justify your own consultative view on each supply chain approach identified. Present a qualitative and/or quantitative assessment to support your views.

Word Count:Maximum2000words(+/-10%)excluding references.

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SubmissionuploadedtoAulaJuly18th,2023, by23:59pm

Note there will be a class dedicated to scoping out the assessment and group information.Note assessments submitted up to one week late will have 10 marks deducted from the final mark. Assessments submitted after the one-week deadline a mark of zero will be recorded.

Written Feedback will be provided via AULA. The marking criteria below will form the basis of the feedback.

AttributesWeightingLO covered
Guiding there ader what is included intheassignment,  
sequence    and    brief    explanation    of    the    sections.  
Description of the current state of literature  
Literature Review:25% 
Significance,breadth of sources,criticality,consistent LO2&
referencing     style,     tightly     connected     with     the LO3
topic/application and examples.  
Use of resources as evidence to support the argument  
provided.This covers the utilisation of books,journal  
articles and online resources.You should consider the  
appropriateness of the sources,their currency and level.  
You should not rely on online sources only.  
SCM Implication: Define the SC adopted by the organisation that you think is the most suitable.25% 
Discussion: This covers the evidence in place to support the points made.A clear structure with logical progression from one point to the next, evidence of understanding of issues based on the critique and influence of the SupplyChain under review.Comparing findings with literature.25%
Conclusion: Discuss relevant and logical recommendations and observations supported by the findings in the discussion.5% 
Quality of the written presentation: This covers the clarity,coherence,grammatical accuracy,tone, and style of the work submitted. There should be correct and consistent Harvard format referencing both in text and in list.The work should be presented in report format with adherence to the word count.15% 

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