Top 7 myths about Assignments to get A++ grades in 2023 in Melbourne

Completing assignment on time is one of the most difficult tasks these days considering hectic work schedule for the students in Melbourne. There are ranges of assignment help services available in the market but students are really in doubt whom to trust. If getting good grade is your key target then you should count on Marvel Assignment Help for all your assignment help worries. Our team of expert writers for writing assignments provide plagiarism free assignments (Checked through turnitin for plagiarism and AI). We are among the earliest assignment helper who started in Melbourne market for helping students. Our assignment writers have knowledge of the all-citation patterns, formats, integrity issues (Usage of AI, plagiarism, collusion and contract cheating) to ensure they help with assignments that score A++ grade for you. Some of the common myths which students in Melbourne has with respect to assignment writing process that do not let them score high grade are as under:

Assignments Help Melbourne
  1. Longer the assignment better the marks

In current times, teacher is really strict about the guidelines that have recommended. So, reality is, quality matters more than the quantity and even the word count is specified by the teacher. By crossing the word length suggested from teacher, there can be several penalties imposed on the students which may vary from 10% to 20% of the marks for particular assignment depending upon how much additional words someone has written in the assignment. So, it is advisable to cover all aspects of the given assignment rubric and write within given word count limit without crossing it to ensure higher grade.

  • Last minute modifications in assignments

Always try to make or order your assignments in advance so that there is ample time available for making changes suggested by teacher. Students sometimes try to order assignment at end date which do not give them ample time to make suggested changes which would end up fetching lower marks as compared to the expectation of the student. Generally, an assignment takes 3 to 4 days depending on assignment to get completed and 2 days to make changes given by the tutor. So, this time should be spared in order to make sure to accomplish top notch assignment with A++ grades. Asking everything in hurry will lead to incomplete or lower quality work fetching lesser marks or failure.

  • Plagiarism not being checked

Many times students think that it is okay to have some degree of plagiarism in the assignment and try to copy paste from several websites. But the reality is, teacher even check each and every line for plagiarism and in case of any sentence being matched through any online source or with other students, teacher would try to impose penalty and may even fail students for doing so.

  • Using complex vocabulary to impress professor

Students many a times remain under the impression that they can impress the tutor by using complex vocabulary. But that’s not the case and teacher generally need assignment in simple language instead of using unnecessary jargons in it. Our assignment help in Melbourne is being offered to the students in such a manner that assignment is simple and easy to understand for both students as well as tutor. Our team of professional writers are working in academic writing since long and they know exactly what type of words to use and what to avoid. So, while doing your homework always remember to use simplistic language and try to clarify the complex phrase so that tutor do not have to check their meaning from web or other sources. This would give teacher a feel of realistic assignment made by students themselves and would not give doubt of contract cheating for the students.

  • Not attending to the feedback shared by tutor

Many a times tutor provide their feedback for improving the assignment. Our services for my assignment help team give students ample opportunity to share feedback and fix the assignment for possible changes. So, if you are searching for assignment help near me then you must confirm that they would attend every feedback provided by the teacher on their assignment. Our assignment experts are well versed with the assignment format and referencing guideline to ensure minimum feedback. But still if there is some feedback provided by the teacher our team can fix it within 24 hr of receiving the feedback.

  • Writing from own research would fetch more marks

From a tutor point of view, it is always preferrable to study the lecture slide and class notes provided by the teacher on blackboard or LMS. Assignments which are made by using the study material provided by the teacher normally fetch more marks. But sometime students do not attend class and do not refer the class material and make assignment purely by referring the web material.

  • Paraphrasing works: Many a times due to shortage of time students try to take assignment from their friends and paraphrase the whole assignment. Be always guided that every assignment pass through the Turnitin or safe assign like software which not tells the amount of plagiarism but also detects the collusion or similarity level with other assignments. This is where it would be caught easily by the teacher and not only you, other friend who has shared the assignment will also be punished for serious offence under academic integrity. So, make sure we are not paraphrasing the content from other student or from any other online source as this will lead to direct failure. If you are running short of time, or have an urgent assignment to handover then experts from Assignment Help Australia are always available to handle your assignment quickly. Our assignment writing team can deliver assignment as quickly as 2 to 3 hr depending upon the complexity of the assignment. So do not risk your grade and career and contact us for instant assignment help services.

So, these are some of the common myths which students have about the assignment writing services and make mistake. This would risk their entire career and put them in trouble. Online Assignment help team has superb experts who are well versed with the course content and can deliver quick and quality assignments within short span of time. Some of the key features of our assignment help services include below mentioned:

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